I am Alyssa, a voluptuous, well-educated, and elegant lady with an aptitude for seductive encounters, passionate conversations and fascinating adventures.I am a confident young lady with a playful and energetic personality that can easily provide a discreet and enjoyable venture well worthy of your time.
Spend some of your valuable time with me and you will uncover a luxurious lover who is affectionate and loves to provide as much as receive.

I have a natural talent for creating stimulating conversations and have a charming smile which will instantly enrich any situation. I also have a deep passion for the arts, reading books, and pleasure.

I was born and raised in Russia, a country known for its rich and long history filled with classical music, paintings, ballet and literature. My beautiful country has shaped me into an affectionate and vibrant young woman, complete with a level of glamour and sophistication which is impossible to match.

I can say without a doubt that traveling is one of my favourite hobbies. I love to explore every corner of the world to further enhance my experiences and to meet different people and cultures from across the globe.

My thirst for knowledge is endless and my curious mind constantly looks for new and exciting adventures.

I also love yoga and clear my mind through meditation when I have a moment to myself.

I am a genuine woman, the type that you’ve always wanted to meet and someone who will instantly make you feel like you belong for the first time in your life. I am someone that is not just confident and playful, but also joyous and beautiful with a charming smile that will drive you wild.

When it comes to physical attributes, you will find that I am 5’6” with a slender body, along with a sensual 34C bust. My natural curves and size 8 dress size will prove alluring, as well as making you the envy of others in proximity. I’m also gifted with satin smooth skin, a fair complexion and elegant, long dark hair.

As you can see from my pictures, I have a very beautiful face that will instantly increase your heart rate during our exclusive encounter. However, I hope you discover that there is far more to me than just looks.

You will always be accompanied by a well-groomed and manicured lady with soft make-up which complements my smooth and young skin tone.

I see myself as a skilled and affectionate lover that will give you the opportunity to ensure all your fantasies are brought into reality.

I am here to make sure that you are comfortable and confident as we build a long-lasting friendship while we dive into each and every desire you can imagine!

Your Experience

Our intimate adventure can be whatever your heart desires. We can take a lovely stroll in a historic town, or enrich our cultural mindset by attending a fascinating art gallery filled with mesmerizing art.
We can attend a show, watch a nail-biting sporting event with a couple of drinks, or enjoy a picnic filled with strawberries and cream.

We can even have some champagne while being pampered on a weekend getaway or enjoy a romantic dinner by candlelight before making our way back home.

I would love nothing more than to alleviate any stress you might have through a playful and exciting encounter filled with intimacy and passion.

I truly enjoy extended foreplay and love the fact that we can create a strong connection by spending the day together before we release the tension once the sun goes down.

I am someone that you can rely on and you can rest assured that our encounter will always remain confidential.

Now that you know everything about me, why not give me a call so we can take this to the next step?

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